My Favorite Links

African Violet Society of America
The national society for all lovers of african violets.

The Gesneriad Society
The national society for all lovers of gesneriads...a close relative of the african violet.

MVAVC (Missouri Valley African Violet Council)
Missouri Valley African Violet Society covers a seven state area with a spring meeting and a fall convention and show. Another one of my websites.

First Class Version 2
Is software offered by the African Violet Society of America, Inc. The database contains names and descriptions of African violet cultivars and species, as well as over 8,000 photos.

Gesneriphiles Email List
This is basically the only email list concerning violets or gesneriads that I belong to now. It is a very informative email list and not subject to a lot of chat.

Gesneriad Hybridizers' Association
The focus of GHA is hybridizing gesneriads and sharing information about hybridizing in the groupís newsletter.

African Violet Suppliers

I have been asked several times about sources for suppliers of African Violets. There are lots of suppliers throughout the country the following list is the ones that I have personally done business with and continue to do business with. Additional sources may be found on the AVSA (African Violet Society of America) web site and in the advertiser's section of their magazine.

Dave's Violets
1372 S. Kentwood Avenue
Springfield, MO 65804-0220
Phone - (417) 887-8904

I have always enjoyed doing business with Dave and he always seems to have something a little different than the others plus he usually has some Gesneriads to tempt you with.

The Violet Showcase
The Violet Showcase
3147 South Broadway
Englewood, Colorado 80113-2423Phone - (303) 761-1770
I have never done business with The Violet Showcase but they do have a nice selection of supplies.

Just For Fun

DeShane Kennels DeShane Kennels
If you are ever in the Tulsa, Oklahoma and need your pet boarded give Mary a call. Another website that I am webmaster of and she was the only that really peaked my interest in African violets.

This lady has an amazing collection of streptocarpus photographs, and good general basic information on growing streptocarpus.

These next two links are just a couple of links that I ran across while surfing. I have not done any business with them. A to Z Supply has some rather nice looking PVC fittings that would make a very nice looking plant stand.

A to Z Supply
This firm carries a wide selection of different styles of PVC fittings.

Jimmies Creations
Machine knit gifts, including machine knit dish cloths.

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