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The idea and driving force behind this website all started years ago with one of the e-mail lists that I subscribed to. The list members were given the option of adding a page to groups web page or a link to a web page of our own. Since I am an adventurous sort of a character I decided on my own web page. First I learned HTML coding; I had been avoiding that for sometime. Second, was layout design. I decided to include my favorite past time, plants--mainly African violets (Painted Ladies)--I am not the best at them but they are fun. So welcome to my little corner of web real estate. Let's get a cup of coffee and sit back and see what the ole man has learned along the way. I hope that you enjoy my efforts.

I first became interested in African violets as a child, since mother always had some around the house. In the middle seventies the interest became a passion before too long, I had quite a collection. Just when everything seemed to be growing just fine, I thought I had to give up my collection of African violets due to business concerns. Now I am able to finally get back to one of my favorite past times African violets. This time--with the help of friends--research on the internet, and the e-mail list I have a system that is working for me, and I have even managed to become a student African Violet judge and even had the honor to be on a couple of judging panels. I hope to explain in some detail in the next several pages the system that works for me so check back often to see what is developing as far as new pages. Until then you might want to check in with some of the organizations that I belong to for more information- -African Violet Society of America, The Gesneriad Society. Okay I know some of you are saying, where's the personal part or life history. Here it is the personal page

Throughout my studies and interest in African violets I have found two different publications that contain a world of information on African violets and gesneriads these being the African Violet Society of America's Handbook For African Violet Growers, Exhibitors, and Judges, and Flower Show Manual For Judges And Exhibitors these handbooks may be purchased from the African Violet Society of America, and The Gesneriad Society. I do strongly suggest that anyone that is serious about African violets and gesneriads join AVSA and The Gesneriad Society and purchase a copy of their manuals.

Throughout this website some of the photographs of the plants have been sized to use in AVSA's First Class Version 2 computer program. You may find out more about the First Class Version 2 program here.

All of the photos on any page of this website were taken by myself, and does not mean that I am currently growing that particular African Violet. The photos are here purely for your enjoyment. Please do not copy them for commercial use or publication. Thanks.

Note: This website is a work in progress. You may experience long download times initially, but we believe you will enjoy what you see. We are also continuously adding and changing content. Please feel free to check back often! ENJOY!


Member of the African Violet Society of America

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